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From Humble Beginnings...

In August of 2011, Arie and Daniel got inspired to create custom controllers after noticing the large amount of people uploading their own controller projects to YouTube. They were just teenagers at the time so they drove up to the local hardware store, purchased a couple cans of spray paint and created their first "Business" called "Decent Creations". Arie was the more motivated one between the two of them, and always thought of different design ideas and how to push their products to a larger audience. Arie had visions to create a legitimate business while Daniel did not. They ended up splitting up and that's when Arie created Controller Plus.



Controller Plus started as a very small, hobby-like business. Arie would paint a few controllers which he would later sell on eBay, and then use this money to purchase new controllers to customize. Arie found his new hobby very enjoyable and went on to sell more than twenty-five controllers before contacting his first ever sponsor! Arie's first ever sponsor was "FaZe Clan" which is a professional trickshotting team on Call of Duty which grew massively into one of the most successful teams in the franchise. Business began booming after this partnership so much that all of Arie's time went into his business. He planned on expanding his business with a more sophisticated and delicate approach to controller customization. He began throwing away the spray paint, and purchased his first ever Airbrush. Over the next 6 months Arie created friendships with some very talented airbrush artist's, scored some awesome promotional deals and business was better than ever. Arie realized he was shipping out almost twenty controllers each and every week! Quitting his day job, Arie shifted all of his focus towards his business.



Controller Plus was founded in a small town outside Dallas, Texas but after making new friends interested in Airbrushing as well, Arie relocated to St. Louis, Missouri. These new friends became business partners, and they all invested to rent a house to run Controller Plus. Controller Plus soon sweeped the custom controller industry by creating over forty controllers every week. Arie striked sponsorship deals with some of the biggest personalities on YouTube such as KYRsp33dy, Deluxe 4 and MrTechnicalDifficult. The business drastically changed for the better after one evening Arie visited a local paint supply store and struck up a conversation with the owner and told him about his new business. The owner was impressed with the work him and his team had accomplished, and allowed him to display his business cards on his checkout counter. About a week later, supplies where low and Arie needed to run to Florissant again to restock the inventory. He asked the owner if anyone had grabbed their business cards, and he told Arie something that would change Controller Plus forever. He told him that a local body shop, independently owned by his future business partner Chris wanted to get into contact with the owner of Controller Plus. After Arie reached out to him, he found out that Chris actually painted & hydro-dipped controllers as a hobby. What was more impressive is that he ran his business in a 3,500 sqft garage which also housed a professional automotive grade cross-draft spray booth. Arie instantly gave Chris a call, and a meeting was scheduled.



After having a meeting with Chris, Controller Plus production quality took a big turn. Arie ended up moving the 'dorm-room' operation out of their house and into the automotive shop. After having access to Chris' professional equipment the quality of the product increased so much that they now offered a lifetime paint warranty on all custom orders. Controller Plus rapidly escalated to a full fledged company servicing not only the United States, but gamers from around the globe. With nearly 30,000 unique visitors per month, and over 9,000 controllers sold in a mere four years, Controller Plus can now proudly say they deliver the most personalized, highest quality custom controllers that are available on the net.


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